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Selenite: It helps to cleanse the aura, environment, chakras, and other crystals. Selenite is a powerful healing crystal that brings peace, calm, mental clarity, and well-being. Known as the angel stone, Selenite cleanses and charges other crystals. Is a stone of clarity that constantly radiates divine light absorbs toxic and negative energy and transmutes it back to the light. 

Palo Santo: This is Spanish for Holy Wood, and is one of nature’s awesome tools for raising vibrations, and purifying and cleansing your space. It’s considered a deeply sacred and spiritual tree that possesses cleansing energy and healing properties. Palo Santo works well for smudging or clearing a room of negative energies.


  • Description: One Selenite in its rough natural state and one stick of Palo Santo.
  • Stone dimension: 8-10 cm
  • Palo Santo dimension: 6-8 cm


✧ CHAKRAS: Inspires balance and harmony for all chakras.


“I release any energy that is not mine and recall my energy back to me”.


*This crystal can NOT get wet.