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Sometimes we feel stagnant or the energy in our life is not flowing well, that is when we begin to wonder if what we are doing is worthwhile, if there is a path beyond to explore.

The use of white sage bundles and palo santo, along with the manifestation power of Crystal Quartz, can help us connect with ourselves and explore our spiritual side through our senses. These aromatic elements provide a soothing and healing effect that helps us find balance and calm. The healing vibration of the quartz further balances, helps us to expand and clarifies our mind, body, and soul.


  •  Palo Santo has a beautiful woody aroma that can bring calm and clarity to a place or situation. Palo Santo is believed to have the power to transform negative energies into positive ones, making it a popular choice for meditation and relaxation exercises. 
  • White Sage is a powerful tool that can help us open ourselves up to positivity, clarity, and increased spiritual awareness.
  • Crystal Quartz possesses incredible power for manifestation. It has the ability to amplify the vibration of our thoughts and emotions, and when used with intention, can help us achieve our deepest desires while promoting a harmonious balance of our body, mind, and soul. mind, and soul.


This product has been harvested in an environmentally conscious manner, respecting the cycles of nature, without disrupting the ecosystem. For palo santo to have healing benefits, the wood must die naturally.

*This crystal can NOT get wet.