It all started with a special story. As a young couple, we founded the company Läight in 2019, which is now the leading shop for custom neon signs in Switzerland.

Since we established ourselves on the market very quickly, we were always looking for the next suitable project. So my partner at the time planned to make her own soy candles - 100% sustainable & ecological. However, due to the fact that the same candles were already being implemented by various other brands, she rejected the idea just as quickly, which paradoxically meant the birth of Cändle.

At Cändle, we offer a large selection of designer candles from international brands that were previously not available in Switzerland. We always pay attention to sustainable production and 100% natural & non-toxic ingredients. Our long-term focus is to establish ourselves as the largest Swiss online shop for candles. We thank you very much for your visit and wish you a lot of fun discovering!

With much love,
Your candle team